Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Smashface girl hauntshow Las Vegas

Another episode in the trip to the Hauntshow - part of the Halloween Costume and Party Show in Las Vegas this week. While checking out all of the professional haunt companies we came across a very well recognized firm in the industry, Distortions (some of you might remember their Electric Chair Man from the days of That's Entertainment), some of their frights are incredible and very realistic as you will see in our future shows.

Below you will find a short clip of one of their current prize fright special effects, the Smashface Girl, truly an incredible haunt attraction and an awesome special effect. Check out the below clip, and if you have any interest in this or any of these haunts contact the Event City Emporium Channel our Special Effects Specialist Email

Please visit the Event City TV station for a great selection of coverage from the Halloween Costume and Party Show.

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