Monday, March 24, 2008

News and Views from Halloween Costume & Party Show

Nolan Apostle - Talent, Producer and Contributing Editor
Jeff Patino - Talent, Broadcast Crew & Writer
Event City Live, Event City TV & Event City Creative

Here we are straight from the Halloween Costume and Party Show in Las Vegas some of the cool products and snippets from this awesome convention.

Hello everyone just returned from this years Halloween Costume and Party Show as well as the International Haunt show produced by Transworld Exhibitions.
What a trip! All kinds of really cool stuff , too much to list right now , so we will just post these photos for now....

Then after i get some sleep , i'll do it with proper company names, links, the whole shabang!
Down below are the kool killer klowns from Frightdome Vegas , and our very own, Mr. Nolan with the morbid girls (a hubba hubba....)

We have some much video footage and so many pictures i almost don't know where to start , so we'll just throw it all up in the air , and see where it lands. Video clip montage can be found at.
See ya soon ... Reverend Fishcrackers i will put your interview up soon.

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