Monday, March 24, 2008


Nolan Apostle - Talent, Producer and Contributing Editor
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Certainly one of the coolest products found by the Event City staff at a recent convention in Las Vegas for the Party industry is the Planet Bubble; or as we call it, the WIRLBALL™. A clear double sphere which has an internal strapping system allowing you to take this ball for a spin, literally, is definitely going to be a major winner in the genre of Party Planning, Special Events, Whacked Out Sports, Extreme Sports, Corporate Team Building, or just good old fashion frolicking fun. Toss in some water on a hot day, a friendly passenger and you are off for the ride of your lives! Can anyone say, "Bubble Ball Races"?

Event City Planet Bubble

Have fun with your new Wirlball, once you off and rolling you never want to stop. It can whirl like the wind and rolls like a ball, you'll have the time of your life! For those of you Corporate types wanting to go for a spin right away, but can't talk your CEO into purchasing one of these for your corporate game room, never fear, we have the connection to rent the Wirlball for your next Picnic, Party or Team Development outing or for whatever!

If you are interested in creating your own mini Wirlball Amusement Park or would like to rent them to your clients contact the Event City Emporium and they will help you set up a lease package. This is a HUGE opportunity considering they have the safest, highest quality and best looking ball on the planet. You can also view the Wirlball here for purchasing your own Sphere-O-Fun!

If you are a serious player and would like to purchase your very own, contact the Event City Emporium for details.

It is brand spanking new and ready for you and your creative endeavors! Keep on Rollin' and we thank you for all of your comments, suggestions and ideas that you have shared with us at the Event City Network online services.

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Event City Online Service said...

Hey Jimmy, I see that you might have some contacts interested in a distribution deal. That is good. I believe they are in the midst of recruiting distributors for different areas of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah and possibly Texas and Mexico too. Please email the Event City Emporium's WIRLBALL division at

This is an incredibly lucrative opportunity for someone interested in the Inflatable Games or Extreme Sports arena, or who is already in that business. Good luck!!