Monday, March 17, 2008

Halloween Costume & Party Show - Day One

By Nolan Apostle - Producer and Contributing Editor

Wow, Transworld sure knows how to put on a party, don't they? I'm not talking about the Costume Gala, but the Halloween Costume and Party Show itself; WHAT A PARTY! Seeing old friends, such as Leslie and Larry Meyberg, now with Rubie's Costumes, I haven't seen them in many years; many new friendly faces - Jordan Best of Clear Neon, what a Cool Product that is, Kevin Bartholomew with Windy City and Pier Luigi Pulella of Mask Venezia!  This Transworld logo below looks like one of Luigi's.  Then there's the old friends that I use to buy for in my previous life with That's Entertainment International - Henry Kwitel of Visual Effects Inc., and Alan and Stan Beckerman of Peter Alan Inc costumes, two of the friendliest and easiest companies to do business with in any industry. YOU GUYS ROCK!!

Wow. That's all I can say, is WOW! Those of you that know me know I do not "Wow" very easily, let alone, "WOW". This show kicks bloody ass (No pun intended in more ways than one) with everything from some incredible Animatronix, to a full body Corpse Costume. It's the year of Sexiest of Sexy costumes to a container full of farting (and yes it really does have the odor of the perfect passing gas participant). We saw an incredible device that puts Spiderman's webs to shame, an actual talking head, globs of new costumes and gore that goes where no zombie has gone before.

Whatever fits your fancy it is here at the Halloween Costume and Party Show, and insiders tell me the big costume craze this year will be FANTASY, such as this beautiful piece from Franco American Costumes LLC.

Stay tuned for more and here's an invite to view EVENT CITY TV, check out this nice Police Girl costume on the runway, introduction from our Man at the Show, Jeff Patino and a quick clip of the Webcaster Gun (Lookout Spiderman)!! Click here to go there now. See you on the show floor.

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