Thursday, May 22, 2014

Robot Brigade PHOTO BOT - A Big Hit At Maker Faire 2014

By Nolan Apostle
Producer/Contributing Editor
Event City Creative Magazine
The Robot Brigade is a small group of programmers and engineers with day jobs ranging from robotics to cancer research. Projects by Robot Brigade are purely extracurricular, making each product extra special and fun.
The Robot Brigade team enjoy everything robot related, from constructing paper robots to designing D.Bug kits, prototyping a cookie cutting robot, to creating very cool projects like the Photo Bot. They enjoy working together as a team and feed off of each other's energy, drive and knowledge.
The team's favorite project is the PhotoBot. Photo Bot is an all-in-one photobooth that is perfect for concerts, parties, conventions, meetups and all types of Special Events. A green screen is set up so that custom created backgrounds can be used in each set of photos taken at the event. The PhotoBot system allows the user(s) to select their own choice of backgrounds (custom or built into the system) and start the photographic process by the click of a button. PhotoBot is an extremely simple and very easy to use system. It is portable, easily installed - can be set up within minutes of arriving at the location where you will use it, any non-techie can install it with ease, and it can easily accommodate large groups of people – which is a great feature beyond the traditional photobooth!
PhotoBot is one of Event City's Top Choice Products found at Maker Faire this year!

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