Monday, February 9, 2009

A Reel Party for the Entertainment Industry in SF

WED. FEBRUARY 11th 6pm

As a Member of the Event City Network you are invited to this Annual event (how to register for this event is below). Whether you are a movie producer, filmmaker, Event Manager, Meeting Planner, Service company, Entertainer, Performer, all of you can benefit from attending this event and networking at the Reel Directory party.

Event City supports this great resource that has been in circulation for over 30 years and has often been referred to as the "Bible" for the Industry as the number one source for Film, Theatrical Productions, Event Planners, Concert Promoters, Video, and Multimedia in Northern California. The party is on Wednesday, February 11th at 6pm in San Francisco.

The Reel Directory has been a staple in this community for a long time and along with the Event City Network will provide some great ideas and support to help YOU, the Events & Creative industry professional in these trying times.

Approximately 5,000 printed copies and 10,000 CDs are distributed annually. Thousands are distributed free of charge to production companies and advertising agencies outside Northern California and through Northern California Film Commissions offices.

For more information on this annual event and to register to attend please visit the Event City Network Facebook page or our new USA Events Blog - Events Throughout America!

The Reel Directory can be found at many conventions and trade shows including the Show Biz Expo and AFCI - Locations Trade Show.

We hope to see you this Wednesday at the Reel Directory Party in San Francisco. A great opportunity for you to make new friends and network. Be safe, be happy and be productive!

By Nolan Apostle
Contributing Editor
Event City Creative Magazine

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