Monday, March 2, 2009

Down Economy & Real Estate

Investment Clubs, Wealth Building Associations, Professional Real Estate Groups
can be important elements of serious investors or investment groups, and how they effect or can assist various industries is important too. Off and on for years I've been attending a group in the San Francisco Bay Area called Bay Area Wealth Builders Association, or BAWB as it's members call it, and it is a terrific association no matter what type of an investor you might be, or what you have to offer at any given time. This writer has reported on some of this groups activities on the Event City BlogaZine, from hotel properties, resorts, to commercial buildings good for Special Event Venues, and have found this niche in which this organization can help you cut deals and make things happen in a big way. The type of deals and potential opportunities are outstanding to say the least.

The group has a strong foundation, a membership of serious, no-nonsense, but friendly San Franciscans from all over the Bay Area and beyond. Many that have lived here their whole lives. Some are transplants, and still others may only be "part timers". They meet monthly to discuss timely investment tactics and of course in search of those awesome, unbelievable deals of a lifetime!

Monthly Meeting Notices and upcoming weekend workshops are all listed on their website to keep you updated and educated on various subjects involving Real Estate.
Practical & valuable knowledge, “how to” information, education, discussion, and networking for Do-it-yourself Real Estate Investors, career changers, and even you seasoned pros.

Whether you live in the immediate San Francisco Bay Area or Northern California, the BAWB organization is designed to educate and inform both the beginning and seasoned investor. If you are interested in similar organizations throughout the USA please select one of the links in the top line for more info.

At each monthly meeting, attendees gain information and investment skills to build personal wealth through real estate. BAWB’s overall goal is to help investors reach financial freedom by following a step-by-step plan of action offered in the monthly meetings and workshops. Here is the BAWB information for any serious real estate investor, whether you have a family home or a 100 acre resort, you will learn a great deal; gosh, even Donald Trump could learn something from this investment group.

DATE: Thursday March 19th,2009
LOCATION: Mill Valley Community Center
180 Camino Alto, Mill Valley, CA 94941
CONTACT PHONE: (415) 383-1370
GENERAL INFO PHONE: 707-996-6411
BAWB Website for updated information

You can also listen Sunday mornings at 11 Am on Hot Talk 560 KSFO for the Real Wealth Network Radio Show.

You can also find a list of BAWB preferred vendors for these various needs and more:
Mortgage Money
Investor savvy Realtor
Legal Advice
Insurance needs
Quality Ceramic Tile or Solid Slab Granite

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Unknown said...

Next time I'm in town I will check out one of these events. From what you have written about them - here and at your other magazine, I see the value in this organization. Any idea how long they have been around the SF Bay Arae?

Thanks, Tim