Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Can We Find at CES & MacWorld?

By Nolan Apostle
Editor in Chief

A few of my friends asked me how can I attend both shows at the same time, CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas and MacWorld Expo in San Francisco? Well it'spretty simple. At Event City we have a cloning device that allows us to temporarily clone ourselves when we need to be in two places at one time. We haven't tried three or more clones yet, we are still perfecting the "Double Clone".

Ok, ok, I'm kidding folks, no cloning device, just the world of online computing, have you heard of the Internet? Sure, that is how we do it, pretty simple 'eh? So now that you know our secret, here's a few things to chew on while we work on bringing you much more from both of these great shows.

MACWORLD EXPO 2009 - Slated to be the last MacWorld Expo with the attendance of Apple Computer Inc., Macworld Conference & Expo offers access to hundreds of Mac products and services, paired with expert advice, demonstrations, and instruction.

The 2009 event is focused on creating a Macworld experience based on your interests (products or services) and training needs! Whether you have a small business, work for a large corporation, are a creative professional or an IT professional, we have the conference content, special presentations, expo hall highlights and activities that meet your specific needs.

Oh yeah, something for you "Old Skoolers" to think about when discussing will Apple not attend anymore MacWorlds; how many times did the Rolling Stones say they were calling it quits?

What about CES and why should you attend?

CES, the Consumer Electronic Show 2009 - Wow, what can I say, CES has become the playground for anyone interested in anything electronic!! Unfortunately CES is not a "consumer" show, meaning the consumer cannot attend you must be in the business of reselling electronics or have some affiliation or are a journalist involved in writing about these goods and services.

Speaking of services, one of the cool companies exhibiting at CES this year is GigaTribe, a great file-sharing software company that wants to revolutionize how you exchange files with your family, friends and business associates. Visit the GigaTribe website for more information or go to the Event City BlogaZine for a personal invitation from Event City.

Much more to come on MacWorld Expo and CES.

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