Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fancy Food Show Arrives in San Francisco

By Nolan Apostle - Contributing Editor
Stefanie Bass - Writer
Danny Hewlett - Broadcast Crew
Keynoe Fenner - Photographer

The FANCY FOOD SHOW in San Francisco is "North America's Premier Marketplace for Specialty Foods". This is the second time the Event City Creative Magazine will cover this fantastic show, and plans to provide updates and coverage when the Fancy Food Show opens occurs in June of this year.

The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade’s Fancy Food Shows® are the premier marketplace for specialty foods…where retailers, restaurateurs,
caterers, bar and nightclub owners, hotels, distributors, and others discover innovative, new food and beverage products.

Recent Fancy Food Shows have attracted up to 24,000 attendees from every major food buying channel, influential members of the trade and consumer press and other related businesses.

These attendees come to see thousands of exhibitors from around the world; most are
passionate entrepreneurs who created their recipes and started their companies. These trend-setting businesses showcase more than 250,000 innovative products at our annual Shows.

What to expect at a Fancy Food Show Show:

We look forward to providing your company with news and reviews on many different products and services from all of the industries represented by the Event City Network.

Here is just a sample of some of the products you will see at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco this week.


Tucked away in Boulder, Colorado sits an unassuming building where a little magic takes place... Every day, decadent chocolate bars are carefully crafted using the timeless combination of chocolate and love.

Chocolove chocolate bars are available in ten distinct flavors that range from a sweet, creamy Milk Chocolate with a 33% cocoa content, up to an Extra Strong Dark with an impressively strong yet smooth 77% cocoa content. Tied to chocolate's natural counterpart, love, each bar resembles a love letter, complete with a romantic poem.

For the past ten years, Chocolove has been quietly developing a loyal consumer following in natural and organic food stores around the country, including Whole Foods and Wild Oats. In 2005, Chocolove began its expansion into gourmet and conventional grocers, such as King Soopers, Gelson’s, HEB and Bristol Farms, making this delightful treat more readily available to its ever-growing fan base.

Timothy Moley is the founder, owner and chocolatier at Chocolove. A tall and slightly eccentric man, he reminds you a little of Willy Wonka. His laid-back attitude, wry grin, and lanky physique would never lead you to believe he is a man who lives and breathes chocolate, and has been consuming two chocolate bars, every day, for the past ten years. Seriously. See them at the showat booth 4400 and tell Tim the Event City Network sent you.

Gourmet Village

Gourmet du Village from Quebec, Canada introduces 6 varieties of rich and creamy ready to serve dips. All you have to do is chill, open the jar and serve. Gourmet du Village have been innovators in preparing Herb & Spice blends for delicious dips for over 20 years.

You can reach them by email at or by visiting them at booth 427.


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