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ETELOS, a new generation company have created Web 2.0 based software products that venture into many of our industries, including the Special Events, Meeting Planning, Hospitality, Travel and Entertainment industries. They are a major sponsor and exhibitor at the WEB 2.0 EXPO in San Francisco this week.

Web 2.0 Expo now in it's second year, is an incredible show of technology presented to you in a non-intimidating presentation. If you are in business, you need to attend Web 2.0 Expo.

At Event City we are excited to bring you the great details of this fantastic show. Unlike last year, when we just had begun our Email Industry Newsletter, this year we have both a Event City BlogaZine and our Event City Creative Magazine to share with you all of the these great new technologies and how they relate to the Events & Creative Industries.

Etelos will open its Web 2.0 Expo booth to representatives from 20 of the United Kingdom's hottest Internet startups as part of Web Mission 08.

The participating companies will demonstrate their products and technologies at the Etelos booth on the Expo floor starting at 10 am on Wednesday, April 23. Etelos is a Diamond Sponsor of the Web 2.0 Expo.

"Hosting these companies is our way of showcasing the power and capabilities of the Web as the platform for the future of innovation and business," said Shelley Symonds, Etelos Chief Marketing Officer. "Innovation is global and the business solutions created by each of these startups reach and benefit Web workers far beyond the UK and San Francisco."

The companies that are traveling represent only a small portion of the innovation from the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. More than 100 companies applied to be part of this program and tour Silicon Valley. These 20 companies showcase the high-level of technology emerging beyond the Valley.

"The Web 2.0 Expo is a great platform for these companies to be able to showcase their innovative technologies," said Joe Black, BT's director of emerging business and technology. BT is a key sponsor of Web Mission 08 and a partner with Etelos for its communication enabled Web services. Black adds, "Etelos is showing its support of the future of Web application innovation by allowing Web Mission to join them at the show."

Etelos is also a technology sponsor for the Web Mission 08 and will be introducing the visiting companies to the Etelos MarketplaceTM. Etelos is changing the way Web-based applications are developed, distributed and consumed to empower organizations to use Web-based applications to achieve their goals. Etelos' technology for developing and deploying on-demand applications is transforming the world of software distribution. The Etelos Marketplace gives developers an easy place to license, distribute and support applications. The Etelos Marketplace also gives businesses a wide selection of fully customizable, on-demand business applications to license and deploy to the hosting environment of their choice.

"To have such a fast growing and innovative company as Etelos supporting Web Mission08 is a massive benefit for the 20 UK start-ups," said James Lawn, co-founder of Polecat Ltd and co-founder of Web Mission. "Etelos is an inspirational example of success for any Web startup - at the very least they are a role model, more often, they are also likely to have the technology and services required to help such startups achieve the success they are after."

Representatives from Etelos, as well as the visiting companies, will be on hand to answer questions during the Web 2.0 Expo as well. For a full list of the visiting companies, please visit

About Etelos, Incorporated

Etelos provides on-demand browser-based applications on the hosting environment that you choose. EtelosTM technology for developing and deploying on-demand applications is revolutionizing the world of software distribution. The Etelos MarketplaceTM gives developers an easy way to license, distribute and host their applications, and businesses a wide selection of fully customizable, on-demand applications. Etelos, Etelos CRMTM, Etelos ProjectsTM, and Etelos Marketplace are trademarks of Etelos, Incorporated; other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. For more information about Etelos, please visit

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