Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Maker Faire Pictures and Videos from Previous Maker Faires

By Nolan Apostle
Producer, Contributing Editor and Photographer
Photography By

Johnny Apostle, Nolan Apostle and Felix Solomon
Event City Premier Magazine

The Maker Faire will take place at the San Mateo Events Center on May 17th and 18th 2014. They are expecting well over 120,000 people over the 2 day period. Stay tuned for ways to travel to and around San Mateo during the Maker Faire. 

This year's Maker Faire is expected to be the biggest and best yet in the city of San Mateo, about 20 minutes south of San Francisco. Many of asked what is the Maker Faire? What is it like? It is a most difficult task to define this eclectic festival of talent. In "defining" it, we need to give it a "definition", and the Maker Faire is just too difficult to define. Here is one of the several definitions this reporter at Event City uses to help Maker Faire newbies understand the Bay Area Maker Faire:

“A Disneyland of Talent filled with past, present and futuristic projects 

based on the arts, sciences, ingenuity, history, and more, 

all of which are very stimulating, entertaining and allows you to 

walk away with knowledge and an exciting new zest for life.”

Here's some images from previous Maker Faires at the San Mateo Events Center. 

Mega character jumping from the game into real life.

Iron, fire-breathing Dinosaur. Think he'll pose for pictures?

Cupcake Man! Don't run into him you'll make a mess.

Fire-breathing trees?! And you thought
blowing out the candle was difficult.

Here's an old style bike with a Maker twist.

Can you say "Plexiglass Robots"?

Cupcake Girl!

Traversing through the Maker Faire in one of the many unique
traveling Maker vehicles you will see at the Maker Faire! 
Emmanuel being a Maker at the Maker Faire.


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