Monday, June 9, 2008

Event City Network to Offer WIRLBALL - LIGHTED CAPS and SOFTWARE

Event City Products and the Marketplace Channel, Event City Emporium, which is currently in Alpha Test at their COOL PRODUCTS Site will feature the Wirlball and the Electro Caps as new products being introduced in the USA. The company just launched a WIRLBALL MySpace Site, which will eventually have a great deal of information and plenty of pictures for you to view!

Here's a few pictures for you to see, including our next generation Wirlball with double ties (first image without the Coca Cola). The Wirlball is like the Zorb, except it now has many more rope ties than the Zorb had which makes it a much stronger ball than anything else out there.

You can now sign up for the Company's Beta Test at their main site - EVENT CITY.NET which will commence soon, or even contact them directly via their New WEB PHONE

"We hope to offer many different solutions for our Members, to help them learn more about technology, and to allow them to become more efficient and successful in their everyday business affairs", exclaims Nolan Apostle, Founder & CEO of the Event City Network.

The company will commence their Beta launch in the Summer of 2008 and besides launching their Website Portal for the Events & Creative Industries, they also expect to offer a strong Software product for businesses who are serious about Planning Parties, Events, Meetings, Conferences, even Special Functions to Major Shows.

The company's software will work partially as a back-end for the Event City Network, it will also be a powerful tool for planners who do everything from small events, meetings, or private parties all the way up the ladder to major Tradeshow Producers, Concert Promoters, Special Event Planners, even Festival Managers and Movie Industry Personnel. The initial software offer will most likely be a licensing deal which Event City Members can purchase with certain features and benefits depending on their objectives. Members will also receive a discount on purchase of the software product.

"We look forward to launching new products for our Members, it is exciting to be able to introduce them to new and unique merchandise they will use for their projects and to create a better overall ROI", says Jeff Patino, Product Manager of the Halloween and Special Effects division. The company will also announce very soon some Strategic Alliances, special deals and promotions that are in the works.

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