Sunday, May 4, 2008

JavaONE Comes to San Francisco May 6-9

David Falicki - Broadcast Team, Journalist and Film Indy Writer
Event City Live & Event City Creative

This week is the Java One Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It is of course not a Hospitality Expo about the Coffee industry, but more about the technology created by SUN Microsystems which is present in many applications and pretty much everywhere on the web.

Event City Creative Magazine will begin a series of articles and reports for all that is Technology, and how it reaches you, the professional in the Events & Creative Industries. From Motion Pictures to Special Events, Hotel and Restaurant Chains to Food and Beverage manufacturers; the Travel, Art and Tradeshow Industry, to the many aspects of the Entetainment & Music industries it is all effected by computers and Java technology. Some of it is closer than you think. Read the first of many reports at the Event City BlogaZine and you will be pleasantly surprised by this powerful programming launguage.

Check back often for more reporting on the JavaONE conference and technologies and how they can help you in your technology knowledge growth.

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