Friday, June 1, 2007

Launch of Event City Creative Blog and Zine

Good morning East Coast, happy dreaming West Coast! I welcome you to the Event City Network's magazine blog. The first of it's kind to be presented within the United States and as far as we know, within the entire Global Internet!

I present to you on this First day of June 2007, our first Blog of hopefully many more to come, for the Event City Network's
online publication, EVENT CITY CREATIVE. What is the Event City Creative and what type of publication will it be? It is an online "Mag and Zine" for the Events & Creative Industries soon to be in Beta Test. The Event City Network is the new Online Service Portal for these industries and all their vertical markets.

It is our goal to create a magazine as YOU our readers would create it. Share with us your thoughts and ideas of what you would like to see in our Zine and we will do our best to include as much of it as possible. Let us know your trials and tribulations and we will help you find solutions. If you're searching for new technologies or innovations to help your business grow, tell us about them - our researchers will help burrow through the plethora of technology products flourishing
literally on a daily basis to help find these resources!

When Event City Creative
launches we want you to be an integral part of this project. By helping us develop some of our content ideas, in essence, you will play a role in the development of the tools we create to help your business and professional career and those of your colleagues to be successful within these industries and all their vertical markets! We can only do this with YOUR FEEDBACK! This is the place to tell us what you want! A Blog-a-Zine for anyone to post their comments, ideas, helpful information to share with their associates and peers within the Events and Creative industries.

Ok, so you keep hearing about these Events & Creative Industries; what do we define as the industries
? Here they are as defined by Event City:
  1. Hospitality
  2. Special Events
  3. Meeting Planning
  4. Travel
  5. Art
  6. Entertainment & Music
  7. Food & Beverage
  8. Publishing & Printing
Our objective is to create an online publication that will provide valuable information and an array of content that would be valuable for all working individuals involved in any of the above industries. Students to CEO's, our valuable information will be dedicated to these industries as a whole. All of these industries have historically come together for the success of many different types of projects - Small private parties to major Corporate events; grand-openings to launch parties; night-club and bar shows to major Rock'n'Roll tours; conferences & meetings to major film productions and so much more. All of the Event City industries play a role in the success of any of those events at any given time!

A Blog-a-Zine for the student just coming out of college and wanting to start their own Event Planning company or a major Hotel manager who wants to change careers - post your comments, share with all of us your ideas, give all readers an opportunity to help provide valuable information to share with you and all of our associates and peers within the Events and Creative industries. Take advantage of the crossover these industries represent to help your business grow!

I cannot overemphasize - This "Blog is for YOU", to share your ideas and to tell us what you would like to see presented within our online
Mag and Zine! Become a Beta Tester and you will receive many Benefits and Freebies as well as a Featured Founding Member status of the Event City Network™. If you would like to participate do not hesitate to contact us for participation details at any level.

This project has been a very long road for us. As we begin our process to launch the entire 'network', we look forward to hearing from you. We want to learn what type of content and material you would like to see appear not only in our magazine, but anywhere within our Portal site, the Event City Network.

I look forward to meeting all of you if not in person, at the very least Virtually somewhere in the world of Event City!

Nolan Apostle
Founder & CEO
Associate Publisher
Event City Network

Event City Creative


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